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Born in Italy, I grew up listening to my dad’s old records which inspired me to study music. At the age of 8, I started playing the piano which I’ve been playing for the most of my life now. Later I started playing the guitar as an autodidact, which later led me to learn bass and drums in order to join local bands.

Right after getting my high school diploma I moved to London to study Audio Production at SAE Institute where I met some amazing people and learned incredible things.

Now in my second year, I had some amazing opportunities such as attending an Orchestral Recording at Abbey Road Studio 2 as well as producing and recording one of my favourite band’s first Album.

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Here are samples of project I worked on:

Coffe & Soul – Thinking About A Sad Song:

Catherine Devlin – Reduce:

Coffe & Soul – Tremolo

Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky (Cover):

Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Cover):

I’ve also worked on the Foley and scoring of a short animation for university:

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